*Schleich Farm World Chicken Friends
*Schleich Farm World Chicken Friends

*Schleich Farm World Chicken Friends

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Cluck, cluck, we're all in luck! It's the Chicken Friends! These three fine-feathered friends are peck, peck, pecking their way into Schleich Farm World by popular demand. Includes two different Polish chickens and a Silkie chicken.
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When these three chicken friends from schleich FARM WORLD are together, messes and mayhem aren't far behind. Stealing corn from the farmer's harvest? Yep, done that. Painting the sleeping rooster? You betcha! Dumping your crayons on the bathroom floor? Blame the chickens! Can you figure out which one is the biggest troublemaker?

Additional Information

  • What on earth is that bird with the fluffy feathers? It's the Silkie chicken! And those two with the goofy hairdos? They're the Polish chickens! Three unique birds…and all oh-so-realistic!
  • Which is tougher for a chicken: Life on a farm, or life in a toddler's toybox? Ain't nothin' more perilous than a child's playroom. Don't worry…these toy chickens are built to last.
  • We all know why the chicken crossed the road. The real mystery? What happened next? schleich® toy chickens aren't just toys…they're characters in a child's ever-unfolding story.
  • The Chicken Friends playset is part of the schleich® FARM WORLD and turns every farmstead into a feathered adventure playground.
  • This playset is suitable for boys and girls ages 3 and up – a perfect farm gift for kids who love animals!


1x Polish Chicken black/brown, 1x Polish Chicken white/brown, 1x Silkie chicken, white (3 pieces)

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