*Schleich Farm World Picnic with Little Pets
*Schleich Farm World Picnic with Little Pets

*Schleich Farm World Picnic with Little Pets

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For Sarah there is nothing nicer than setting up a picnic on a sunny day with the little pets from Schleich® FARM WORLD and spending a fun-filled day with her little friends!

Fun Fact

Sarah always has a few treats in her basket for the animals!

Age Recommendation
3-8 years
  • Schleich® figurines are modelled in the finest detail to help children learn while they play.
  • This item is part of the FARM WORLD theme world and is suitable for children aged 3-8
  • The set includes 9 animals and wonderful accessories!
  • Sarah has movable arms and legs
  • Rabbit hutch has multiple doors
  • Fence parts can be connected in any way
  • Drink bottle can be clipped to grating
  • Pets can play on the seesaw or use as a ramp


1x girl, 1x kitten, 1x hedgehog, 1x baby hedgehog, 4x baby rabbit, 2x guinea pig, 1x rabbit hutch, 1x little house, 1x seesaw, 1x tunnel, 1x outdoor enclosure, 1x feed crate, 1x picnic blanket, 2x drink bottle, 3x bowl, 2x carrots, 1x lettuce, 1x cupcake

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