*Schleich Farm World Puppy Pen
*Schleich Farm World Puppy Pen

*Schleich Farm World Puppy Pen

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A Maltipoo, a Chihuahua and a Labrador Retriever play together in the puppy pen. What a wild time the three of them are having! They romp around on the cuddly blanket, compete for the teddy bear and play hide-and-seek. In between, they take a well-deserved nap in the dog basket.

5.91 x 5.51 x 1.97 inch (W x D x H)

Age Recommendation
3-8 years

Content: 1x Maltipoo puppy, 1x Chihuahua puppy, 1x Labrador Retriever puppy, 1x dog house, 1x dog basket, 1x blanket, 1x bowl, 1x teddy bear, 5x fence

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