*Schleich Horse Club Haflinger Foal
*Schleich Horse Club Haflinger Foal

*Schleich Horse Club Haflinger Foal

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This little Haflinger foal from schleich®wants to grow into a storied Haflinger show horse one day. The beautiful cream-colored coat and the snow-white mane are hallmarks of the Haflinger breed. Make room in your schleich® horse toy stable –this Haflinger foal figurine is a must-have addition to your collection.
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The Haflinger foal is prancing spiritedly across the meadow, busy discovering the world. It pricks up its ears attentively. I wonder what’s going on over there at the fence? This foal is so curious; it’s sure to run over to have a look. Maybe it can cadge a tasty carrot from some visitors? Who could refuse, once it starts gently muzzling with its soft brown nose.

Additional Information
  • AUTHENTIC DESIGN. schleich® toy horses are famous for looking like the real thing, and this toy Haflinger is no exception.
  • QUALITY YOU CAN SEE & FEEL. Beautiful craftsmanship and durable materials –because kids don't always play as gently as this sweet-natured horse.
  • STUNNING DETAILS. From forelock to flank, every toy Haflinger from schleich® is realistic for a lifetime of play, horse-y love and storytelling fun.
  • GIFTS FOR HORSE LOVERS. The best horse gifts for kids celebrate the bond between horse and rider—like this precious toy Haflinger foal figure from schleich®.
  • HORSE TOYS FOR KIDS. Kids who play with schleich® toy horses learn an appreciation for horsemanship, riding, and the love of a horse.
Content: 1x Haflinger Foal
Age Recommendation: 5-12 years
Dimensions: 3.5433 x 0.748 x 2.7559 inch
Pieces: 1 Item

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