*Schleich Horse Club Oldenburger Stallion
*Schleich Horse Club Oldenburger Stallion

*Schleich Horse Club Oldenburger Stallion

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The Oldenburg Stallion from Schleich Horse Club is a talented dressage and jumping horse. He's comfortable at the top of the podium, and his sturdy, muscular frame is well-suited to pulling carriages...or tugging heavy notebooks out of your backpack. Whether you're navigating a jumping course or saddling up for math homework, the Oldenburg Stallion figurine will give you the confidence of a champion.
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First, the good news: You've captured a stolen treasure. Now the bad news: An angry crew of pirates is chasing you. Fortunately, your swift Oldenburger Stallion will carry you away and as you gallop away into legend, fame, and fortune.

A great new character to add to your Horse Club cast, the Oldenburger Stallion figurine is beautifully hand-painted featuring Schliech's renowned accuracy and attention to detail. Suitable for all ages, this figurine looks great on a shelf—but you won't want to keep it there.

Schleich Horse Club playsets and figurines introduce the limitless possibilities of storytelling and imaginative play. Featuring dozens of toy horses, riders and accessories, Schleich Horse Club lets your adventure stories run wild. Horse figurines canter in rich detail, while authentic playsets provide an always expanding setting for the adventures of Hannah, Sofia, Lisa and Sarah! Our horse and rider figurines love to be whisked away into stories featuring other Schleich play worlds, from the grasses of the savanna to the majestic pines of the forest! Schleich toys and playsets are built to last for generations. All our toys meet the highest national and international safety standards.

Fun Fact

Oldenburger Stallions have ridden high in the mountains, across wind-swept plains, and along tide-kissed sands. Where's your favorite place to ride?

Scientific facts

  • Scientific name : Equus ferus caballus
  • Global Home : Worldwide
  • Conservation Status : Domesticated
Dimensions: 5.51 x 1.77 x 4.72 inch (W x D x H)
Age Recommendation: 5-12 years
  • Detailed & Authentic. Easily recognized at dressage and jumping events by the white spot on his forehead – known as a “star” by horse lovers, one of many realistic details that make Schleich horses famous worldwide.
  • Sparks of Storytelling. A horse tournament in outer space? A trail ride under the ocean? Our toy Oldenburger believes stories and imaginations should roam wild and free.
  • A Cherished Heirloom. Rugged and dependable, just like the Oldenburger horse he's modeled after – built to last for generations.
  • Collectible Toy Horses. Every Schleich toy horse is of high quality and hand-painted…round up the collectible Oldenburger Stallion to add to your assortment.
  • Horse Gifts for Kids. Perfect for boys and girls who dream of victory in the equestrian arena.

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