*Schleich Horse Club Peruvian Paso Stallion
*Schleich Horse Club Peruvian Paso Stallion

*Schleich Horse Club Peruvian Paso Stallion

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This proud Peruvian Paso stallion from schleich®is a handsome, distinguished horse. With his elegant gait, attentive ears and playfully cocked head, there's something special about this fella. Bring home the Peruvian Paso stallion figure and welcome a wild, free spirit to your horse toy collection.
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Watch how this proud Peruvian Paso stallion is prancing around the yard! With his thick mane and gracefully arched neck, he attracts everybody’s attention. The pretty ears are pricked up attentively. Maybe he is already waiting to win all the prizes at the next show? It certainly looks like it! He can show off his special Paso Llano gait, which only Peruvian Pasos can do.

  • AUTHENTIC DESIGN. schleich® toy horses are famous for looking like the real thing, and this toy Peruvian Paso is no exception.
  • QUALITY YOU CAN SEE & FEEL. Beautiful craftsmanship and durable materials –because kids don't always play as gently as this sweet-natured horse.
  • STUNNING DETAILS. Crafted for realism so kids can focus on playing and having fun.
  • GIFTS FOR HORSE LOVERS. The best horse gifts for kids celebrate the bond between horse and rider—like this precious Peruvian Paso figure from schleich®.
  • HORSE TOYS FOR KIDS. Kids who play with schleich® toy horses learn an appreciation for horsemanship, riding, and the love of a horse.
Content: 1x Peruvian Paso Stallion
Age Recommendation: 5-12 years
Dimensions: 5.5118 x 1.378 x 4.1339 inch
Pieces: 1 Item

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