*Schleich Horse Club Trakehner Foal
*Schleich Horse Club Trakehner Foal

*Schleich Horse Club Trakehner Foal

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Determined. Stately. Regal. The distinctive characteristics of a Trakehner make the breed a popular choice among Horse Club collectors. The Trakehner foal figurine display every bit of the poise and dignity that define this graceful breed.

Schleich Horse Club playsets and figurines introduce the limitless possibilities of storytelling and imaginative play. Featuring dozens of toy horses, riders and accessories, Schleich Horse Club lets your adventure stories run wild. Horse figurines canter in rich detail, while authentic playsets provide an always expanding setting for the adventures of Hannah, Sofia, Lisa and Sarah! Our horse and rider figurines love to be whisked away into stories featuring other Schleich play worlds, from the grasses of the savanna to the majestic pines of the forest! Schleich toys and playsets are built to last for generations. All our toys meet the highest national and international safety standards.

Fun Fact

Trakehners are known as calm, friendly horses that are willing to work. Do you think they'd be willing to help you with your math homework?

Scientific facts

  • Scientific name : Equus ferus caballus
  • Global Home : Worldwide
  • Conservation Status : Domesticated
Dimensions: 3,94 x 0,87 x 2,76 inch (W x D x H)
Age Recommendation: 5-12 years
  • Authentic Detail. Like its real-life inspiration, this Trakehner foal figurine has a noble appearance with strong lines, an elegant face, and a muscular build. This realistic model measures nearly 4" long and 2.76" tall.
  • Durable Quality. Every Schleich toy is crafted for long-lasting sturdiness. Your toy Trakehner foal will last for years – and may even become a family heirloom one day.
  • Sparks of Storytelling. Discover a world all your own when you saddle up a Schleich pony. Where will your imagination take you when you grab the reins?
  • Limitless Play. A horse show for a toucan? Teaching a penguin how to canter? With a Schleich horse in your hand, we say “Why not?” Play should have no rules and no limitations!
  • Great for Gift-Giving. Need a gift idea for a Trakehner lover in your life? Our Trakehner foal makes a great gift for horse lovers ages 5 and up.

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