*Schleich Movie Antylar
*Schleich Movie Antylar

*Schleich Movie Antylar

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The colourful and graceful dragon dad Antylar is the eye-catcher from the bayala movie. His beautiful wings have waited so long to embrace his lost dragon baby Nugur again. Now Antylar can give his dragon baby flying lessons and they can finally experience exciting adventures together. Let's go to the dragon festival, the bloom in bayala has to be celebrated together with everyone.

Fun Fact: Antylar's colourful skin can sparkle in the dark.

7.01 x 4.72 x 6.3 inch (W x D x H)

Age Recommendation
5-12 years
  • The Schleich® figures are modeled in detail and promote educationally valuable play.
  • MOVIE Antylar
  • The figure is part of the bayala® theme world from Schleich® and is suitable for children between 5-12 years.

Warning! Swallowable small parts. Choking hazard. Not suitable for children three and under.

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