*Schleich Puzzlemals - Wild Life Series 1
*Schleich Puzzlemals - Wild Life Series 1

*Schleich Puzzlemals - Wild Life Series 1

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What do you call an animal with the front half of a pig and the hind legs of a donkey? What about the front half of an elephant and the hind legs of a lion cub? Hours of fun, that's what!

Mix and match to create wacky new animals with Puzzlemals by Schleich—and let the crazy storytelling begin!!  Preschoolers and school-age kids alike will roar with laughter and giggle with delight as they use their matching skills and imaginations to create new animal combinations.

Limitless Storytelling Possibilities to Let Imaginations Run Wild

If you crossed a polar bear with an elephant, would it use its trunk to have snowball fights with penguins? Would a pig-sheep build his house out of straw, wood, bricks...or wool? When little ones mix and match Puzzlemals to create silly animals, imaginations kick into overdrive and a gazillion stories are ready to be told.

  • Mix and Match! Combine your Puzzlemals to create new animals never seen before…Elepigs, Donkoalas, Gorillacats and countless other crazy animals.
  • Collect 'Em All! The Puzzlemals series includes 12 animals – six from Farm World and six from Wild Life. Hundreds of mix-and-match combinations are possible, along with countless hours of fun.
  • Built for Storytellers. A polar bear got mixed with a pig…and then?? What if a lion cub and a donkey swapped legs? Oh, the stories kids tell when imaginations run wild!
  • Detailed, Authentic…and Silly. These mix-and-match Puzzlemals may result in some crazy animal combinations, but each one still features the realistic details that make Schleich toys famous worldwide.
  • Fun Animal Gifts for Kids. Perfectly sized for stocking stuffers, party favors, gift bags, and last-minute gift ideas for kids ages 3 and up.

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