*Schleich Sofia's Beauties Starter Set Sofia & Dusty
*Schleich Sofia's Beauties Starter Set Sofia & Dusty

*Schleich Sofia's Beauties Starter Set Sofia & Dusty

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Sofia is passionate about her new hobby – horse beauty care. Her mare, Dusty, is happy to play along. Dreamy possibilities abound with this horse-and-rider combo from our new lineup, Horse Club Sofia's Beauties. The mane and tail are brushable – you can even swap them when it's time for a new look! Comes with a toy Trakehner, a posable Sofia, hair clips, beads, and other horse beauty accessories!
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Sofia and her Trakehner mare Dusty are truly friends for life. Ever since Dusty gave Sofia a loving nudge as she was touring the riding stables, they've been practically inseparable. They love coming up with new hairstyles for Dusty's mane and tail. See those colorful hair clips and beads? Sofia loves the pink ones, but Dusty likes the purple ones. It's impossible to decide which is the prettiest! Which one is your favorite? Will you help Sofia and Dusty with a beauty makeover before their next ride?

  • For the first time ever, schleich® introduces a horse with brushable hair – one of seven horses in the new Sophia's Beauties lineup from schleich® HORSE CLUB.
  • The horses in the Sophia's Beauties lineup can change their look by swapping their tails and manes with the other Sophia's Beauties horses (each sold separately).
  • Comes with multicolored hairclips and beads…braid the horse's hair and give her a dash of style with fun hair accessories.
  • Sofia daydreams of practicing new hairstyles for Dusty's mane and tail. Hmmm…a French braid today or a Dutch braid? Oooh, maybe a button braid! What do you daydream about?
  • Nurture a love of horses with a special toy horse. Recommended for kids ages 4 and up.
What's in the box: 1x Trakhener Mare with brushable mane and tail, 1x fully flexible Figure Sofia, 1x horse blanket, 1x riding hat, 1x hairclip, 1x hair beads, 1x clip-on hair piece, 1x finger brush

Not suitable for children under 3 due to small parts.

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