*Schleich Wild Life Antarctic Expedition
*Schleich Wild Life Antarctic Expedition

*Schleich Wild Life Antarctic Expedition

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Brrrr! It sure is chilly on the snow-covered ice sheet of Antarctica! Blankets and a warm cup of peppermint tea await you back at base camp, but for now, it's just you and the huskies and the frigid wind. What is it that draws Ranger Tom out into the cold? A lost penguin? A search for a secret passage? Maybe he's just making a coffee run? One thing's for sure: This story can go wherever you want to take it!
  • No batteries, complex instructions, or silly rules…100% kid-powered imagination.
  • Build storyscape that span from the Antarctic to the African jungle to the Australian outback. With playsets from schleich® WILD LIFE, your stories always have room to roam.
  • The only environment more treacherous than Antarctica's ice sheet is a toddler's playroom. Luckily, our toys are built to withstand the elements.
  • Who says penguins can't drive a dog sled? Or that huskies can't turn an igloo into a coffee shop? Our toys like kids because their stories are powered by limitless imagination.
  • Makes a great gift who boy and girls who love the call of the wild. Recommended for kids ages 3 and up
Contents: 1x Ranger Tom, 2x Husky, 1x Emperor penguin chick, 2x harness for attaching, 1x suitcase, 1x feeding bowl, 2x bone, 1x bandage, 1x binoculars, 1x balm, 1x dogsled with cover, 1x igloo with slide, 1x sticker sheet

Recommended for ages 3-8 years. Not safe for children under 3 due to choking hazards

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