*Schleich Wild Life Blue Poison Dart Frog
*Schleich Wild Life Blue Poison Dart Frog

*Schleich Wild Life Blue Poison Dart Frog

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The Blue Poison Dart Frog makes its home in the tropical rainforest of South America. This one likes playing hide-and-seek in your house plants, though.
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The bright Blue Poison Dart Frog with black spots on its back is beautiful. Although it’s so small, it immediately stands out with this fancy coloring. Contrary to its name, its skin is only poisonous when it eats the ants in its native rainforest in South America. If you feed it other food, you can safely take the pretty little frog in your hand. Give it a try!

Additional Information
  • AUTHENTIC DESIGN. So realistic you might think you're in the Amazon.
  • QUALITY YOU CAN SEE & FEEL. The toughest creature in the animal kingdom is a toy frog from schleich®.
  • BEAUTIFULLY DETAILED. A schleich® frog toy in a child's hand is a passport to a world of imagination.
  • GIFTS FOR ANIMAL LOVERS. Perfect size for wild animal stocking stuffers, party favors, gift bags, and animal gifts under $10.
  • ANIMAL TOYS FOR KIDS. A schleich® toy taps into a child's natural storytelling superpowers.
Content: 1x Blue Poison Dart Frog
Age Recommendation: 3-8 years
Dimensions: 2.2047 x 1.9685 x 1.2598 inch  
Pieces: 1 Item

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