*Schleich Wild Life Danger in the Swamp
*Schleich Wild Life Danger in the Swamp

*Schleich Wild Life Danger in the Swamp

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Be careful! In the swamps of schleich® WILD LIFE, one misstep and an alligator might chomp your toe...or steal your boot. The stealthy snake is always trying to sneak the alligator's eggs (he likes 'em sunny side up with a side of bacon and toast). These two reptile rascals oughtta put a sign in the swamp: Intruders beware!
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  • The anaconda can bend into a slithery, serpentine pose. The lifelike jaws of the alligator hinge open…they can even carry the eggs to safety!
  • Feel the tough, scaly skin of the gator…the make-your-skin-crawl texture of the snake…it's like you're actually in the swamp!
  • These cold-blood characters are perfectly sized for reptilian replicas and DIY crafts.
  • At the work day's end, these reptile buddies slink to a nearby piano bar for dueling pianos and karaoke. Because why not! Our toys believe in stories with no scripts and no dumb rules.
  • This item is part of the schleich® WILD LIFE theme world…let kids' imaginations run wild!

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