*Siku BMW R 1250 GS LCI
*Siku BMW R 1250 GS LCI

*Siku BMW R 1250 GS LCI

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The sight of this machine makes the hearts of motorbike fans beat faster: After all, for many years the BMW R1250 GS LCI has been Germany's best-selling motorbike, and over the course of four decades it has become a real icon! Whether on asphalt or gravel surfaces, briskly taking curves, or relaxed cruising - the stylish machine is what you want for every adventure. With its sporting design and stylish looks in black/silver, the bike attracts all the attention. The frame and tank are made of metal, handlebar and stand are movable, and the wheels are equipped with real rubber tires - so this classic motorbike proves realistic playing fun for horsepower lovers young and old!

Ages: 3+

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