*Siku Police Hovercraft
*Siku Police Hovercraft

*Siku Police Hovercraft

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Die-cast hovercraft.

Over land and water: air cushion vehicles, better known as hovercraft, are fast and manoeuvrable. It is therefore understandable that the police use these amphibious vehicles to chase gangsters and environmental polluters. Powered by a large tail rotor and with siren blaring, they race at breakneck speed through the swamp areas, as well as over meadows and through the forest. The hovercraft is manufactured from high-grade plastic, printed with a police design and fitted with rotating flashing lights, making it the ideal accompaniment to the SIKU police vehicles and SIKU police boat. With the small wheels under the hull, it glides easily over all types of ground, and even the rotor turns.

Product Dimensions: 80x38x35mm  

Ages 3+

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