*Siku Range Rover
*Siku Range Rover

*Siku Range Rover

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In the SVR model with 5 lire V8 compressor engine, the Range Rover is the English nobleman with the heart of a sportsman. Even in difficult terrain, the SUV proves that it is the master of the situation under all circumstances. But the 575 HP also powers the aristocratic vehicle at 283 km/h along the motorway, and therefore makes the pulse race for many a sports car driver. The flush headlights and the black-painted sports rims with wide rubber tyres underline the SUV’s dominance in terms of sophisticated demands. The Range Rover SVR is delivered in elegant dark blue paintwork – naturally also with a trailer coupling for the horse box. The wide doors make it easy to get into the vehicle.

Product dimensions: 82x36x28mm

Ages: 3+

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