*Siku Toddy's Conny Cloudy *CLEARANCE*
*Siku Toddy's Conny Cloudy *CLEARANCE*

*Siku Toddy's Conny Cloudy *CLEARANCE*

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These two are completely relaxed, and dream from day to day. If they meet a flock of birds, they join them and accompany them part of their way south, because they feel great up above the clouds. That’s how they keep on having great adventures. Exciting, top quality toy for children from 18 months and upwards, with friction motor (flywheel motor) to encourage fine motor skills, perseverance, patience, and for having fun. The Conny play figure has movable parts: head can be turned, arms can be raised, and legs can be bent. The Cloudy aircraft can be divided into three parts and combined with other Toddys vehicles. Cloudy’s propeller spins, and is an invitation to take off. Conny Cloudy is compatible with components from other manufacturers Siku “Click&Play” system: easy to combine thanks to the twist-and-push system of the vehicle parts.

Ages: 18m+

Product dimensions: 210x188x76mm

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