*Siku Truck with Skip & Trailer
*Siku Truck with Skip & Trailer

*Siku Truck with Skip & Trailer

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Whether sand, stone, or rubble – the HGV with skip and trailer carries a lot away! The tractor is a twin-axle HGV with a metal driver’s cab, and the trailer has a chassis with tandem axle and a metal platform. One skip each can be carried on the HGV and trailer. The lowering equipment on both parts of the vehicle is movable, and so the skips can easily be loaded on and off. Free-running wheels throughout the combination ensure mobility, and simplify manoeuvring. The bright red skips create an eye-catching contrast to the blue HGV with its yellow unloading arms. This bright and versatile vehicle combination will allow the re-enactment of innumerable construction site scenarios!

Dimensions: 152 x 35 x 47mm

For ages 3+.

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