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Super Undies GIVEAWAY

Posted by on 5/7/2019 to Current Promotions and Giveaways
Super Undies are a fabulous option for potty learning. These trainers pull up and down like underwear, but have absorbency for accidents. There are even options for overnights with absorbency comparable to a diaper. The PUL waterproofing helps keep wetness contained. Since bed wetting isn't just a toddler issue, larger sizes are available for older children. These trainers aren't just undies - they're Super Undies!

Now you can win a set for your own child!

Now through May 9 at 3pm Pacific, you can enter to win your choice of Super Undies in Pull-on, Hero Undies or Nighttime Undies in print of your choice.

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Date 5/8/2019
Connie vandehoef
Thank you
Date 5/8/2019
Jenny Escobell
Am I entered now?

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