Super Undies Nighttime Undies with Cotton - Size 2 (Dove)
Super Undies Nighttime Undies with Cotton - Size 2 (Dove)

Super Undies Nighttime Undies with Cotton - Size 2 (Dove)

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Your Nighttime Bedwetting Solution

Many children go through bedwetting, and it sure can make them feel bad. Super Undies wants to help children wake up dry, and not damage their self esteem. These bed wetting pants are real waterproof nighttime underwear that are designed to help your child wake up with dry sheets. This alone helps relieve the stress off the child from having to tell his mom that he wet the bed . They are excellent for potty training transitional nights, or even for minor child enuresis. For heavy nighttime bed wetting, please add a step-up insert to them. 

 Why Do Nighttime Undies Work?

The bedwetting pants are made to hold the Hoover Dam. We started with a good concept on retaining a nighttime accident, then we beefed it up. 

 1. We use waterproof material all through the external structure of the undies. 

2. There are 4 layers of build in absorbency, two sewn internally and two externally as a soaker pad.

3. The tabs are waterproof, and on the back of them we put a soft water resistant fleece to help hold in leaking from side sleepers. 

4. The legs are waist are created out of water resistant fleece, as an additional insurance policy against leaking. 

5. The absorbent material does not touch the outer edges inside the undies. This also battles against leaking. Absorbency in these undies is 100% Cotton. But you should know about cotton - if you look at your bath towel, you will see each edge woven completely in a tight weave. This is because cotton will fray. We feel like it is important to offer cotton since it is the best at absorption, but all we can do is overlock the edges. Eventually the edge could fray, but the use is still there. 

6. We added an additional pocket on the inside, in case four layers wasn't enough to soak up your child’s out-put. Simply stuff more absorbency in it! Boost Bedwetting Super Power with a booster add absorbency to just the front, something boys may need ;)

 Cloth Undies Feel Better 

 There’s a stigma attached with disposables. Even though they are “UnderJams” or “GoodNites” children still associate the disposable product with a baby diaper. If seen child after child simply have more peace about being in cloth. I hadn’t realized this until I tried t put my boy in disposables. See, we always cloth diapered, and then I made these Nighttime Undies when he got too big for cloth but still wet the bed at night. We were going on vacation and I bought some disposables to replace our washable stuff - and he freaked out! He was crying, and SUPER worried that someone would find out or see those disposables. Turned out it wasn’t “bed wetting" he was embarrassed about, as much as it was having to wear what he thought was a baby diaper.

  Your Child Will Sleep Better

A kid who wets the bed and leaks out will absolutely feel the cold in his sleep. This could cause him to toss and turn all night long, or until he finally wakes up, or wakes you up. Either way, getting a good nights rest leads to a successful day, and getting a poor nights sleep can make more than one member of the household pretty cranky. Super Undies Nighttime Undies contain the wetness, and by holding it in the undies, the wetness remains the same temperature as their body. They can’t even feel it now. Some kids wake up and don't know if they wet until they check the undies! 

 Sure you can save trees, but you’ll also save money! 

Using disposable diapers adds up. When you have a baby, a disposable diaper costs about .11, pretty cheap! But as you go up in size (and by then your hooked) they get considerably more expensive, until your paying over $1.00 a piece for UnderJams. That’s about $30 a month, and a pair of Nighttime Undies is about $30. Having two pairs of bedwetting pants may cost $60, but they will last you at least an entire year, and that will save you $300 in the long run! 

How Long Does Bedwetting Last? 

If either parents were bedwetters, then look back to the age they stopped wetting. Bedwetting is largely hereditary, so that could be a good indication of when you can expect your child to stop. But there is no way to know. If you think your child could be bedwetting for even just two more moths, than Super Undies starts to make a lot of sense.  

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