Super Undies Step Up Insert
Super Undies Step Up Insert

Super Undies Step Up Insert

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Compatible and excellent to use with all of our cloth potty training pants and waterproof nighttime undies!

For added absorbency with the following Super Undies products.

Potty Training Pants

Bedwetting Pants

These inserts are made up of two layers of microfiber and can either be used length wise through the pocket of the undies for full coverage, or folded in half to make a 4 layer frontal booster pad (great option for boys in particular).

Double use, I love it!

When choosing your size, please note that the daytime products sizes run small though XXL, but the nightitme/bedwetting products are numbered by size 1-4.  Please note that we do not make the nightitme products as small as our daytime smalls.


Bedwetting/Nighttime Sizes

Medium = Size 1 insert

Large = Size 2 insert

XL = Size 3 insert

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