Poop in unavoidable if you are a parent.  Whether you use disposables or cloth.  

Fact:  All solids should be removed from a disposable before putting it in the trash. 

Who knew.  

If you use cloth diapers poop really isn't as scary as it seems.  Trust me, I know the diaper sprayer and liner talk can be intimidating - but it's really not. 

Fact:  If your baby is exclusively breastfed, diapers can go straight in the wash, it is completely water-soluable. 

Once your baby starts solid food, or is formula fed, the poop needs to be removed from the diaper before washing it.  This can be done in a few ways:

1.   Flushable liners.  These are laid down on the inside of the cloth diaper.  Simply flush the poop and liner.  (Careful with older septic systems!).  These are a great choice for daycare or with caregivers. 
2.    Cloth Diaper Sprayer.  Spray that poop.  Hook the sprayer up to the toilet and spray it off.  This is a life saver for that transition poop (starting solids) or messier changes. 

3.    Dunk and swish.  In the toilet.  Not my personal choice, but a favourite among many. 

4.    Plop it.  Once your child has made that transition to the ploppable poops.  This is a breeze - just hold the cloth diaper over the toilet and shake.