There are a lot of cloth diaper options out there. We've got a lot of things for you to choose right here at Lagoon Baby! People ask us what cloth diaper is the best. While there's no single best diaper out there for everyone, we've just restocked TotsBots. We love them here at the Lagoon, so here's three reasons that we think you'll love them, too!

3 Reasons to Choose TotsBots - Lagoon Baby Cloth Diaper Blog

1. TotsBots Prints are Adorable

TotsBots prints are always exclusive to their own brand, and every collection is guaranteed to be adorable on any baby's bum. Bright colours, cheerful themes of animals, nursery rhymes, songs, or nature are sure to be a hit.

2. TotsBots Diapers Are Easy

The one size design and sturdy Velcro make them super easy to use and a favourite with grandparents and caregivers. They're just as easy for a caregiver to use as a disposable. Even better? There's nothing to unstuff with the all-in-one pocket design. That easy pocket also makes them easy to boost for overnights or super heavy wetters.

3. TotsBots Are Environmentally Friendly

Sure, all cloth diapers are more environmentally friendly than their disposable, single use, chemical laden counterparts... but TotsBots has an edge. TotsBots waterproof outer is made of recycled water bottles! Each one size Easy Fit repurposes two water bottles. Each Teeny Fit newborn diaper uses one water bottle. So choosing TotsBots means that you're choosing to put recycled product to good use! TotsBots diapers are also OekoTex certified, which means no harmful chemicals against your baby's skin.

Have you added TotsBots to your cloth diaper stash? What's your favourite TotsBots feature?