Care and Washing Instructions


  • Stretch Bamboozles are made of rayon from bamboo and will become fully absorbent after 10 hot water washes. That being said, they will be functional after 3 hot water washes.
  • Easy Fits and Tini Fits can be pre-washed 3 times in hot water before the first use, but will be functional after 1 hot water wash.
  • Dark colours (especially red) should be washed separately the first 3 times to prevent colour bleeding.
  • When fastening a Tini Fit or Easy Fit diaper on your baby, be sure to get a snug fit. Compression helps minky fabric to absorb liquid more quickly.
  • The Easy Fit and Tini Fit liners will agitate out of the pocket in the wash - it's not necessary to unstuff them manually.
  • Where applicable, use fold-back tabs to secure hook & loop fasteners before laundering; this will protect your diapers and other laundry from rogue attacks!
  • For your regular routine, wash Easy Fits, Tini Fits and Stretch Bamboozles as you would any other cloth diaper. Check the tag on the diaper for care instructions. The recommended method: 60 degrees centigrade wash with a cloth-diaper-friendly detergent, tumble dry low heat or hang to dry.
  • Do not soak.
  • Do not use: chlorine bleach, whiteners or brighteners, fabric softeners, or baking soda.

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