*Wubbanub Pacifier
*Wubbanub Pacifier

*Wubbanub Pacifier

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The pacifier is made of medical grade silicone and BPA free. The soft plush portion provides comfort to the touch and makes it so much easier for the baby s little hands to grasp and manipulate the pacifier them self. Which means fewer bouncing, rolling and lost pacifiers and less rooting around in the stroller or bag to find the pacifier.
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Help your baby keep his friends close! Wubbanub's innovative patented design keeps baby's pacifier permanently attached to a cute little plush animal buddy. This means that the pacifier is less likely to be lost, dropped, or forgotten... and that can mean fewer tears for you!
  • Designed to keep the pacifier close to your baby without using cords or clips
  • Soothie pacifier is made of medical grade silicone-perfect for latex allergy sufferers
  • Soft plush toy brings soothing comfort and security
  • Baby safe and independently tested. Meets all safety requirements.

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