Sneak Preview of our next batch of Green Line Diaper Exclusive Lagoon Baby Prints!

The newest batch of Green Line Diapers with prints only available at Lagoon Baby, here they are! 

Better Gnomes and Gardens

Squirrels & Nuts

Green Line Diapers are a trim and breathable cloth diapering option.  

Our special Halloween print will be revealed at the beginning of September.

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Funky Fluff Stash & Cash Giveaway!

Enter to win!
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New Inventory Arriving Soon!

Check out all of the inventory that is on it's way to Lagoon Baby! 

 Rainbow Waters wool soakers and super thirsty fitted diapers with cute prints. 

 Boingos. Do you Boingo? 

 LoveyBums wool crepe wraps, fleece covers, and wool doublers. Perfect for staying dry overnight. 

 AppleCheeks envelope covers and swim diapers. 

 Sweet Pea one-size covers and prefolds. 

 We also have 4 new GreenLine *Lagoon Baby EXCLUSIVE* prints coming very soon.

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Welcome to Lagoon Baby!

We have many wonderful products available now, such as Funky Fluff diapers and Lagoon Baby EXCLUSIVE print Greenline Diaper Covers. Also be sure to keep checking back because I still have lots of new products that will be stocking!
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