JuJuBe x TokiDoki Fantasy Paradise Now Available!

JuJuBe x TokiDoki Fantasy Paradise Now Available at Lagoon Baby!

The latest JuJuBe x TokiDoki collab is now available at Lagoon Baby! You'll love this new collection, filled with lovely, vibrant blues and an array of your favourite TokiDoki friends. Donutella is playing as an archer, and a herd of Mermicornos are cavorting about near a castle! The Moofia is having great fun together, and there's even Piratako the Octopus Pirate.  Beaches, forests, and ocean vistas are all blended across this fabulous print with playful characters frolicking about.

You can find the JuJuBe Toki Doki Fantasty Paradise in the Be Quick, Mini Helix, Mini BFF, Mini BRB, Be Sporty, Be Right Back, Zealous Backpack, Petite Backpack, Midi Backpack, Grab and Go, Be Dapper, the Hobobe, and more!  But like all TokiDoki, the Fantasy Paradise is a limited edition.  Grab your favourite Fantasy while supplies last!
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Thirsties Otterly In Love Limited Edition Now Available!

Thirsties Otterly In Love Limited Edition Print - Now Available at Lagoon Baby Canada!

Once again, Thirsties has outdone themselves with a new and beautiful Limited Edition Print!  Meet Otterly In Love, the Valentine's Day print that's also fabulous for Mother's Day, Canada Day, Christmas... and any other time you want to enjoy the cuteness!  Otterly In Love features otters and hearts.  When otters are in the water, the mother will float along on her back while her baby rests on her chest.  Adult otters that are bonded will sleep in the water holding hands so that they don't drift apart.  Thirsties Otterly In Love features otters holding hearts and otters with a baby sleeping on her chest, with seaweed and hearts sprinkled throughout.  These cute and cuddly little critters are on a white background with Jet trim for an additional pop.

Otterly In Love is available in Thirsties Duo Wrap Size 1 & 2 (both hook & loop and snap closures), Thirsties Pocket with snap closure, Thirsties All-in-One, Thirsties Natural All-in-One Snap, Thirsties Natural Newborn All-in-One Snap, Thirsties Wet Bag, Thirsties Mini Wet Bag, Thirsties Clutch, and Thirsties Wet/Dry bags.  Add this cute print to your stash now, as supplies are limited!
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