It is recommended to wash your diapers every two to three days.

Remove any waste off diaper before washing (other than exclusively breastfed babies).  Helpful tools for this can be a diaper sprayer (attaches to your toilet) or laying down a flushable liner.

If your baby is exclusively breastfed, there is no need to rinse, just throw all diapers in the wash as is.  Their waste is completely water-soluble!

No need to soak diapers, a dry hanging wet bag or diaper pail will work great to contain the diapers until wash day.

If you are using diapers with a Velcro (aka Aplix or Hook/Loop) closure, make sure to secure the laundry tabs before throwing in them in the wash.  This will help to avoid "diaper chains" and unwanted wear and tear on your diapers.

Use cloth diaper friendly detergent, these are detergents that are free of enzymes, brighteners, softeners, dyes and scents. Examples of detergents that can work well are Nellie's All Natural, Country Save, Allen's, Rock n Green, and some say Tide works well for them.  Please note that results from each detergent may vary due to different types of water, washing machines, etc. 

Do not use fabric softener on your diapers.  Wool dryer balls are a safe alternative.

If using a cloth diaper cream that is not "safe", lay down a fleece or disposable liner to protect the diaper and prevent repelling or build-up issues.

Natural fabrics (such as cotton, hemp and bamboo) – these can take multiple washes and dryer cycles before reaching maximum absorbency. Also, be sure to wash diapers and inserts of these materials separately first before adding to your other diaper laundry, as their natural oils can cause repelling.

Our personal wash routine with a top loader:

  1. cold rinse
  2. add detergent and full hot cycle
  3. extra cold rinse

With a  front loader:

  1. full delicate cycle (no detergent)
  2. add detergent and full hot wash
  3. extra cold rinse

Dry inserts and fitted diapers on Extra Low, hang covers and shells to dry.

Please refer to the manufacturer's washing directions for specific washing guidelines (to avoid voiding your warranty!)

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