If you are new to cloth diapering the amount of information out there can be overwhelming.  We hope that we can help simplify things, but if this just makes you more confused- please feel free to contact us!  Our recommendation would be to try a few different brands and types of cloth diapers before buying a full stash.  One cloth diaper may work wonderfully for one person and not be a great fit for another.  Our exclusive Lagoon Baby Sampler Packages are perfect if you are brand new to cloth diapering, as they give you the opportunity to try a few brands and styles, while saving 5-10% off retail price!

Why Choose Cloth Diapers?

  1. No Waste
  2. Cheaper
  3. Comfy and Cozy
  4. Breathable
  5. Re-Sale Value

(some studies have also shown less cases of diaper rash and also earlier potty training)

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Types of Cloth Diapers:


Flats are the original cloth diaper. A square piece of material, typically cotton, that can be folded to create a customized fit.  A Snappi, Boingo, or good old-fashion diaper pin can be used for closure. (Require a cover and fastener). YouTube has many great how-to videos!

Prefold Cloth Diaper

Similar to Flats, a Prefold cloth diaper is often made of cotton or hemp.  They are rectangular in shape and have extra layering in the middle to increase absorbency in the wet zone and keep a trimmer fit around the legs. Prefolds come in a range of sizes.  (Require a cover and fastener). Flats and Prefolds are often your most economical choices.

prefold cloth diapers

Fitted Cloth Diaper

A fitted cloth diaper can be made of  any number of absorbent materials (bamboo, cotton, etc.) and has either a snap or hook/loop closure. These are wonderful for nighttime, as the whole diaper is absorbent! (Require a cover- although, for a little bum breather around the house, a fitted can go coverless until wet).

Pocket Cloth Diaper

Pocket cloth diapers have an outer waterproof layer and the inner part of the diaper contains a soft fabric with an opening ("pocket") to insert the absorbent layers ("insert").   These are great because you can choose how much absorbency you require. 

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Hybrid Cloth Diaper and All in Two (AI2)

Hybrid cloth diapers are a customizable diapering system. They incorporate a waterproof cover and the ability to buy either reusable inserts or disposable inserts. The disposable inserts can be handy to bring on vacation or travelling, or when your ability to do diaper laundry is limited. All-in-Two cloth diapers allow you to snap or lay in an insert with the ability to reuse the cover by wiping it out and replacing with a clean insert.

Best Bottom Cloth Diaper

All in One (AIO)

All-in-One (AIO) cloth diapers are the closest you can get to a disposable in style.  All you do is put it on - no pockets to stuff, no inserts to lay down, no folding.  They have a waterproof outer layer and absorbent layers either sewn in or attached.  These make a great choice for caregivers or daycare.

Totsbots easy fit Canada

Accessories you may want to consider:

Here are some ideas for the most absorbent overnight solutions that have worked for us:

Approximate number of diapers needed:

0-6 months.....about 12 changes per day (24-36 if washing every other day)
6-12 months.....8-10 changes per day (16-24 if washing every other day)
1 year and up.....5-8 changes per day (12-18 if washing every other day)

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